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  • Canada

All fee paying members are invited to Scobie Hall to participate in the club'a annual general meeting.

The meeting will include club updates, financial breakdowns and voting for next years executive.

Below are the executive positions to be voted on and the contact details of the current club member in the position. Feel free to contact them for information or to pose any questions.

See you all at Scobie.

Executive Positions

Club President  

Paul Dery-Goldberg     PDery-Goldberg@spiegelsohmer.com
The club president is the representant of the club at all FRQ meetings, and is generally the person who has dealings with major changes or votes within the FRQ. The president will also chair the exec meetings. 

Vice-President Communications

PP Gros    ppgros@gmail.com
In charge of keeping the minutes at exec meetings, and overseeing general communications within the club. Overseer of the website.

Vice-President Administration

Yacine Drinali    yacdrinali@gmail.com
Involved in the day to day running of the club, coordinates efforts between the exec, treasurer, and playing/coaching aspects of the club.

Vice-Presidents Playing

Anipier Berube  Women   tmr.womensrugby@gmail.com
Morgan Herrick  Men   tmr.vp.playing@gmail.com
VP playing for both men and women are in charge of confirmation of fields, teams, referees, and equipment. Basically, they ensure that the games and practices happen, and that the people and equipment needed to make them happen are present.

Vice-President Junior Development

Pierre-Olivier Phan-Lachapelle   pophanlachapelle@me.com
In charge of recruiting coaches and overseer of all Jr related activities.

Vice-President Alumni

Alcide Deschesnes  adeschesnes@gmail.com
Main liaison between the current club, exec and the old boy/girl community.

Club House Manager

Sarah Scanlon  jacobgirl_2000@hotmail.com
In charge of general maintenance of the clubhouse (lawn, beer, renovations, ...). Will coordinate any parties being held at the club.

VP social (new position)

(contact Scanlon or Paul BlueandGoldberg for info)
Will be in charge of organizing, announcing and promoting social events (parties, family day, Coletti Cup, Captain's dinner) within the club. Should work closely with Clubhouse manager.


Currently held by milad, tmrrfc.treasury@gmail.com
To maintain and oversee all the financial records and transactions of the club