As the 60th draws ever closer, the number of tickets available for the various activities is decreasing. As Aug 31st has passed, tickets to the gala on Saturday night are now $100, get them before they are all gone!

Online payments are available until noon Sept 3rd via paypal.

Please note that the only two events to be paid online are the Whisky Tasting and the Gala on Saturday. Payments for other activities will be made on-site, however can be added to your paypal cart as a registration of attendance.

Thursday September 3rd
Whisky Tasting: $50 (limit 40 tickets)

Friday September 4th: Please sign up activities will be paid on site
Golf (Atlantide): $85
ISaute trampoline dodgeball and laserquest: $14/hr and $7/game

Saturday September 5th
Gala at Place des Arts: $100

Sunday September 6th
Survivors Brunch: Please sign up, to be paid on site


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