Great news! The off-season is nearly over, and a brand new season is fast approaching. To prepare for the 2015 season, our wonderful VPs of playing have been arranging our indoor training sessions. Please see the schedule below for dates, times and locations. Make sure to keep an eye out for any changes, these will be communicated through facebook, twitter and email, so no excuses.

@ Vanier College Gym (click for directions)
8th February 10am-12pm
15th February 10am-12pm 
22th February 10am-12pm 
1st March 10am-12pm

8th March 1pm-3pm 
15th March 1pm-3pm
22nd March 1pm-3pm
29th March 1pm-3pm

@Elizabeth Ballantyne (click for directions)
2th February 7pm-9pm

9th February 7pm-9pm
19th February 7pm-9pm
23rd February 7pm-9pm
9th March 7pm-9pm
16th March 7pm-9pm
23rd March 7pm-9pm
30th March 7pm-9pm