Last Saturday, in TMR tradition, players past and present joined together for a game held in memory of Pascal Coletti. Pascal's son Charlie kicked off the day, and the game that followed was a tough contest between exuberant youngsters and experienced veterans. Both sides had strong spells throughout the match, and the game moved up and down the field at a really good tempo. Hopefully those in attendance enjoyed the spectacle as much as those on the filed enjoying playing. When all was said and done the under 30's were defeated by the overs, as Sibber put it "Old age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill". A huge thank you goes to Pierre Drolet refereeing the game and keeping everyone in check.

Following the rugby it was back to the clubhouse to begin the third half festivities. Scobie Hall was transformed into llittle Bavaria with the first TMR Cuptoberfest. The BBQ was fired up and soon the Bratwurst were sizzling away on the grill. To keep everyone "hydrated" in the beautiful weather the Oktoberfest Night Märzen beer from Beau's Brewery was flowing, a great selection by Brewmaster Bobby Swail.

Thank you to everyone who attended, it is always great to see the TMR family come together for events like these. Special shout outs have to go out to those that organised and ran the day; Bobby Swail, Serge Ghattas, Michael Mooner and Matt "ZZ" Gronau. As well as Mooner's wife Sandy for the photos of the day and also to the guys that stepped up to set up the clubhouse and help prepare the food.

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