Another sunny day of rugby against the Montreal barbarians. Kick off started at 12:04pm.
Molly started off the game with a successful penetly kick kicking off the score 3-0 for TMR. Jill had an amazing run in TMR's zone bringing the ball closer to the barbs try line. Robin proceeded with a great run from the middle and scored a try for the TOWN. Molly followed with a successful kick putting the score 10-0 for TOWN. The barbs unfortunately came back with a try for them with a successful conversion putting the score 10-7 in favour of TMR. This didn't stop the town Audrey started off the next play with an amazing tackle followed by a fabulous run by Erica. Unfortunately the barbs caught up with another try and conversion putting the score at 10-14 for the BARBS.
In the second half the barbs made another conversion leaving the score 10-21. The town was able to hold off and hold their own but the barbs managed another try with a score now of 10-26. But the TOWN came back with a great try from Virginie and a successful conversion by Molly leaving the final score 17-26 for BARBS.