On Saturday May 25th, the TMR women had their second game of the season against SABRFC. It was a beautiful sunny day to play some rugby.

    The reserves team started off our day with one hell of a game! Laura Pollice made our first try of the game with the Town leading the score 5-0. Sabrina continued the streak with another try for Town now dominating SAB 10-0. TMR was phenomenal on defense winning over rucks, stopping attempted tries in our end and flawless tackles. SAB came out with a try and the score now at 10-5. Kyla came through at the end of the first half for town now the score at 15-5 for us. At the start of the second half SAB unfortunately caught up with four more tries putting the score at 15-29 for the opposing team. That didn’t stop Town in anyway shape or form, TMR kept making their tackles, rucking over, amazing scrums and line outs and they kept SAB away from the Town’s try line for the remainder of the game. Finally when there was thirty seconds left of the game Sabrina pulled through and got a superb break away and scored the last try of the game. With a final score of 20-29 for SAB, Town had an amazing game and worked so hard right to the end! BLEED BLUE AND GOLD! LETS GO TOWN 

    The prems game started off with a glorious catch from Anipier. Following that play Kathleen Keller (Q) had made a wonderful tackle which ended up knocking the ball on and giving Town a big advantage. Anais had a great tackle near TMR’s try line stopping SAB from a try. Unfortunately SAB got their first try leaving the score 0-7. TMR came back with a fight ready to win this game and not give up. Anais kicked for points putting the score 3-7, still for SAB. Another amazing play happened with Dome offloading to Claudie and taking the ball into contact. The Town set up, so Robin could make a pick and go to score the next try and bringing TMR into the lead with a score of 8-7. Moments later Q offloaded the ball to Susy and Susy brought it home for town, scoring an astonishing try and Anais with a successful conversion putting the score 13-7. Finally to end a very magnificent first half of the game Anipier scored an additional try for Town putting the town far ahead 20-7. When the second half rolled around SAB got one more try putting them at 20-14, still in the lead was TMR, but not too long after town came back with another well done play with Q offloading the ball to Karine and Dome took it into contact. From there TMR mauled the ball and Susy took the ball to score another try for town and Anais having another great conversion the score was at 27-14 for TMR. Fred was the next townie to get a try for TMR and Anais was on a roll with her kicks bringing the score up to 32-14 for Town. Unfortunatly SAB got another try putting the score at 32-19. Finally TMR rolled back around and the last bit of the game first was Dome with another try putting the score 29-19 Town. Finally Saby brought it home with an offload from Susy leaving the final score for TOWN at 44-19! 

Shine bright like a diamond!

Thanks to Margaret Marak for the write up