The TMR club is now in position to accept donations and emit tax receipts through SPORTSQUÉBEC! Initiated by Jason Brooks and Milad Al-Jawabra, the project will serve three (3) purposes:

  1. Support players in elite programs

  2. Compensate coaches

  3. Provide quality fields and equipment


When a donation is made, SPORTSQUÉBEC emits a tax receipt to the donor and takes an administrative fees from the original amount donated as indicated on the image. The leftover amount is returned to TMR RFC within the three (3) weeks that follow.

Accepted methods of payment

  • Cheque

  • e-transfer

  • Credit Card (additional fee of 4%)

Donations will be used exclusively for the purposes mentioned above. Three (3) “old boys” will supervise the project: Guy Quinn, Ian Sib MacArthur and Thomas Ingerman.

Your generosity is a fundamental part of the sustainability of the organization and we are deeply grateful of your altruism.

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